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I love staring up at gigantic things and looking close up at tiny things. I'm inspired by symbiosis, interdependence and connections of all kinds - between people, ideas, stories, molecules, atoms or huge objects in space. What makes me draw or write are usually big feelings for "small" reasons. Like when you look at the moon and are filled with delight and love. Or you see a really big leaf and your excitement is wildly disproportionate for an adult.

Some picture book subjects I would love to write/illustrate: autistic children showing neurotypicals how to do stuff,  a shark maid who draws pictures that come to life, the joys of being small,  anything to do with the moon or tiny growing things.

My hometown (Manchester, UK), biology PhD, Tamil heritage, disability, alopecia, enduring mental health difficulties and neurodivergent brain might mean my creations are a little bit about those things (even when they aren't).​​

An alumna of the Make Art that Sells Illustrating Children's Books courses, Curtis Brown Picture Book course, StoryCampDisco Summer 2021, and SCBWI British Isles member. Always looking for more wonderful ways to explore and learn.

I have completed a WriteMentor Mentorship with Rachell Abalos.

I am represented by Essie White at Storm Literary Agency

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Some things I love

The Wellcome Collection

Micropia Microbe Museum

Marin Mushroom (unbelievable mushroom photography!)

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